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How Much Does the Delaware Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Division of Public Health (DPH) issues medical cannabis cards in Delaware. The state requires patients and caregivers to have these cards in order to buy marijuana at medical cannabis dispensaries. The first step for a patient seeking a Delaware medical marijuana card is meeting with a health provider to recommend cannabis for medical use. Only patients with healthcare practitioner certifications can join the Delaware medical marijuana program.

Cost of Physician Consultation

The Delaware medical marijuana program accepts medical marijuana certifications issued by state-licensed MDs (Medical Doctors), DOs (Doctors of Osteopathic medicine), APRNs (Advanced Practice RNs), and PAs (Physician Assistants). To get a healthcare practitioner certification, a patient must meet with a qualified healthcare provider. The provider must examine the patient and confirm that they were diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions approved for medical cannabis use in Delaware. The cost of this consultation will be determined by location and type of medical practice. Typically, a patient should expect to pay $100 - $300 for the medical visit leading to them obtaining this certification.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Card Cost

Delaware charges a non-refundable fee of $50 for each patient or caregiver applying to join its medical marijuana program. Following a successful application, the DPH will provide a medical marijuana card to the applicant. The Department accepts credit cards for online applications. Those submitting paper applications by mail must include checks or money orders covering this fee. Indigent applicants may qualify for a reduced fee if they complete and submit the Low Income Charge Request form. To qualify for a reduced fee of $25 for a Delaware medical marijuana card, the applicant must prove that their gross household income is, or less than, 138% of the federal poverty level.

Delaware Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost

The cost to renew a Delaware MMJ card is $50, the same as the application fee. This fee applies to both patients and caregivers. However, indigent applicants can qualify for a reduced fee if they can submit proof that their household income is at, or below, 138% of the poverty level.

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